After Death Did Us Part…

Up in the heaven
The Angels said
They wished, they prayed
It was you they had..

To which I opposed
That it can’t be
Since you were supposed
To be my destiny…

Thereby, the Armageddon begun
They had arms, ammo and gun
All I was, an amateur with axes
And shoulders to support were none…

They ripped my heart
Stunned my senses
They tore me apart
And needled my lenses….

Finally they took you
They thought they had won
They were laughing at my carcass
And having great fun…

On the magnificent door
Were you and all standing
When they heard my voice
And saw me come running…

In the event of happiness
They had forgotten
That fighting for you
I too did rotten…

My sins were numerous
Still I was sent to heaven
Since I fought for you
Before I was graven…

I got my destiny
For eternity too
Even after dying
I lived with you…

                    – By Rohit Sharma aka Poetroyyy


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