Marshmallow – The Beginning…

A lady lovely symphony
I thought I’d never meet
A wish was cast unknowingly
When my heart paced its beat..

Days past, her memories lost
Out of nowhere came a fest
I decided to make a run for it
Not aware of to live my best..

I entered the gate to glory
Everything seemed real fine
When I saw her sitting in vicinity
And knew, she was friend of friend of mine..

Initially with varied assumptions
I thought her cons were high
Instead her simplicity
Left me shaken in sigh..

Two days passed in a jiffy
I was left with a simple gladness
I met the one I thought I’d never
N drove to my madness..

While cherishing the memorable moments
That weren’t about to repeat
Her wish to hear my comments
Had firmly turned concrete..

Me, my friend and her
Had words for a couple of days
Until I took the courage
To take it to a new phase..

She asked for a review
About an article she wrote
I shared with her my view
This time through a personal note..

Within no time she revealed
I wished long back
Quite she was surprised
How I craved before we met…

My love for her was clear
Still she was in pain
Her lost love had set a fear
So she avoided to love again..

I knew I wasn’t the best
Not a penny amongst her types
Still some better than rest
I really got those vibes..

With her words pretty sweet
And a voice little shallow
Soft, cute and neat
I nicknamed her Marshmallow..

Marshmallow and I were like
Still didn’t repel
Until we met twice more
And confusions began to dwell..

I think she no more thinks of me
I’ll again be left alone
The lady lovely symphony
Will keep me a contact on phone..

I promise you my Marshmallow
I’ll be back real soon
My life has turned bit hollow
Its waiting for spring to boon..

I am sorry if I’ve done wrong
In any way to you
Please forgive me but don’t forget
That I am in love with you..

The end seems standing close
I feel though its not
You may keep me in friend zone
But you are the only I got…

                        -By Rohit Sharma aka Poetroyyy

– By Rohit Sharma aka Poetroyyy


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