A loss unbearable..

(This poetry is for someone special, for the person with initials B.H., I hope u like it, I hope it touches your heart, but doesn’t give u any pain, I’m also really sorry if in anyway I’m wrong in the lines below…)

You said you got a goddess
When I came to reality
You held me in my arms
Experiencing paternity..

They say my mother loves me more
For 9 months she carried me
But I know you took care of her
During those days of maternity..

I make no comparison
Between you and mother
But somewhere I know a daughter
Is loved more by her father..

I thought you’ll be there
In my times worse n best
But life made a decision unfair
And forever lay you to rest..

I realized your presence
In your absence so cold
But it gave me strength
I grew old and bold..

In future they may admire
My success without you
But I’ll still know, not being though
It was by your virtue…

– By Rohit Sharma aka Poetroyyy


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