Childhood bestie… :p

Today I visited my birthplace after a long time. I spent 12 years of my life at that place. As a feeling of excitement rose in my mind, I made a status update on my fb account tagging my friends from that place. But due to only 5 max tags rule, my best childhood friend got automatically deleted. Now she got to see the status and is angry on me for not tagging, or texting, or calling her. Well my bad, my fault.
But below is the best possible description of hers….
With a spice of mine..
I hope she forgives me soon..
Yeah.. Her pony is unique.. A small fountain like on top of her head..
Have fun guys

Steps baby like
With oil over hair
Mine flat on head
And hers fountain in air..

A deep breath altogether
With every word she spoke
Seems to be an all rounder
Every teachers’ final hope..

Attitude like princesses
Polite and sweet
All the students’ parents’
About her used to tweet

A one in a million
A friend of mine
Today because of me
She is crying….

– By Rohit Sharma aka Poetroyyy


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