I’m der….

I fell in love too. Just like every being, whether human or not, does. Well, the thing is I fell and rose up so many times that now I may slip or trip, but I don’t think I’ll ever fall in love again. Thanks to everyone who broke my heart. Everyone who insisted me to see my face in mirror and ignored my heart. Maybe I am wrong….
But this is what I always would have been like..
But the thing so called love is no more my priority…
Hope all of you including my crushes, enjoy the following… B)

“Not a promise to retain all u have
Not a guarantee to return all u gave
But I swear whenever you’ll b in trouble
I’ll always be der to save…

Neither each problem has solution
Nor answers to each question
But when you’ll wander in your tears at night
I’ll sit awake in every emotion..

Me or he is not a choice
For I’ll be prepared for eternity
To make a run to you
Hearing my name in your voice..

If I ever get late
For other duties of mine
Do not lose hope
For a while you wait

Even if I die
Before silver to your hair
Baby don’t you cry
Since I’ll still be there.. :)”

– By Rohit Sharma aka Poetroyyy


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