Classroom Ballroom

Hey guys…
I’m back, after a long time. Well, I won’t take your precious time and would like to bring to you my work of art upon the precious moments I had with someone special.
Yes, this lady was my crush at my 1st year of senior college. I and she were not that close. Because I think I really lack the potential to be with anyone right now.. Or even then.
Well, you’ll know by this poetry, I’m writing the special things that I remember well. Other perks of her, like she had three pair of shoes, 8 wrist watches, pair of some six hair clips are also known by me due to my killer observation skills..;p
But I’d prefer not to act as a creepy stalker..
So, just enjoy the poetry, and do leave comments if you find it worth.
I hope you’ll be waiting for me until next tym… 😉

Wow! At a glance
Trembled my feet
Different was the rhythm
That my heart chose to beat…

Days passed starring her
From the other end of class
When she saw my eyes following her
Whenever she would pass…

Began a little talk
When a walk we took
Surprisingly we were both poets
And shared birthday month too..

Not soon when this hopeless crush
Was trembling all apart
My friend planned a prank
To give it heck a new start…

With a teacher little lenient
We turned on the show
The teacher knowing what for me she meant
Raised a dare like pro…

She was asked to dance
With any guy she chose
Manipulations conquered her
Until I was rose…

I went ahead
Onto teacher’s stage
As stiff as a blacksmith
Ordered for a wage..

We held together
One hand each
Hesitant to use the other
Since her waist I had to reach…

I think she was a little hurried
To end up the awkward dare
She directed me where to place my hand
She was amongst the rare…

We danced on the tunes
Of an old bolly song
I was lost in my dreams
Placing every step wrong…

I should’ve looked her in eye
But my sight was at her feet
All I did was shiver
And our time had to deplete..

I could never forget
The moment time slowed
Slowly and beautifully
The way my heart was arrowed….

By Rohit Sharma aka PoetRoyyy


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