Glimpse of “Clg” days..

Hey there guys, I was going through certain blogs last night where I found a really great poetry on sleep.
Then ideas began rushing into my mind and I decided to write something related to sleep. But then I thought, won’t it be injustice to the blogger who has already made such a beautiful poetry on the topic? So I tried relating sleep to myself. And if I would have written something between sleep and me I bet it would have been,”zzzzzzzzzz..”
So I rather ended up writing over a college student’s life in India.
And below is the poem I ended up with. Have a look guys and do correct me if I’m wrong :p

College student, are you one?
And also are you an Indian?
Merit pays your college fees
Parents get the rest done..

Some say its the best time in life
But we know its really insane
For the one who rides the horse
Is the only one who knows the pain.. :p

We take up excess courses
And give exams after exams
Passing one shows bright future
Failing follows lectured alarms..

We study day and night we say
But the most we do is sleep
And when a fellow calls at night
We answer the call with **beep**…

If you have a degree you worked hard for
You’ll know only one ain’t enough at all
You’ll find people with multiple degrees
Who’d have never made a fall..

We end up mostly with a job
That pays only to survive
Which won’t let us a minute to nap
And we’ll die sleep deprived… 😦

By Rohit Sharma aka PoetRoyyy


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