For bestie’s CRUSH!!!!

I’ve met all cute damsels
At parties, pageants and parks
Never thought of meeting one
In a tech oriented class

Usually what they do is something
Basically I don’t care
But time spent with you
All while I asked my heart to beware

My little but irritating mischiefs
Made you think I can’t be normal
Maybe you did not expect
A funny boy behind the formals

We could chat a lot maybe
There’s nothing that I mind
But the contrast feelings of to chat or sleep
Of yours are hard to define

Days beyond those twenty five
Whensoever we met
I ought to tell you, a lot alive
Is a feeling what I get

That day at the creek side
Denies to leave my memory
I wish every day could be
So much sweet and savoury….

By Rohit Sharma aka PoetRoyyy


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