Looks Matter….

Hey guys….
Dear readers…
I don’t think any description is required to be made for the poem written below this picture..


For all those in love
With someone you can’t love
With the one who looks better
Your heart will probably shatter…

For it does not matter
If you’re the best
Your ultimate efforts shatter
Against a shoulder to rest…,

You be with the one every second
Still lie in the friendzone
Your feelings get a thank you
He gets kisses on the phone….

Once he says a yes to her
And your heart turns to ice
Ever since you’ve touched her
She’d asked you to use your voice..

Some one said true
But the truth is bitter and sour
Everything is fair in love
And so is red in war…

You’ve been world for me
Its not a hyperbole
In lecs, at home, in rise and sleep
For the witch worked troll…

By Rohit Sharma aka PoetRoyyy


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