Hello fellas..
This is my first short story on this little blog of mine. Its 100% new and original just out of my imagination.
I hope you like it and share if you really do.
Happy reading… 🙂


It was a fine day. Akshay, Vishal, Rupesh and Ankit as usual were hanging out in their college campus. Enjoying their typical Indian college life of bunking but still being inside the campus to be a bad guy but not so bad guy. You can say they belonged to a group of guys who were obedient yet a little worse to handle.
After a little while of talking about girls and teasing each other with respective crush or girlfriend’s name they began talking about ghosts. Well this topic arose after they recalled name of Rupesh’s ex girlfriend :p
Vishal said,” Guys, I’m bored, I really wanna do something over and above this daily dose of coming to college, going places and stuff.”
Rupesh said,” In that case I have a surprise for you all.” All ears turned towards Rupesh. There was a glittering shine in Rupesh’s eyes. He continued,” The building I live in is around 30 years old and people say that the terrace is haunted.”
All eyes now widened with excitement. Ankit said,” Dude, though it just gave me goosebumps, but I’m still of the view that its just another rumour you’re trying to spread to seem heroic.”
Rupesh said,” If it is so, then why don’t you just come over and have a night out? Also being the treasurer my dad has the key to terrace and my entire family will be out of town for next week. We can sneak to the top by midnight.”
Ankit said,“ Mark my words bro, if I get bored you’ll pay for it in the morning.”
Rupesh said,“ ohhhh, and how will I be paying?”
Akshay said,“ party dude, what else.” And all of them giggled a bit.
The week arrived, four of them finally were at Rupesh’s home. No one wanted to be bored. They reached the place by 6pm carrying beer, snacks and a couple of movies to watch till the midnight after which they were about to sneak to the terrace and spend the remaining night there.
None amongst them was coward. The young blood and adrenaline in it created the best time to have such an adventurous time, especially knowing that Rupesh is a liar almost always.
They climbed the stairs, opened the vintage style seven lever lock to the door to terrace and entered it. Vishal left the key inside lock and kept the lock on the terrace’s floor beside the door and had shut the door from inside.
The night began, they had carried a portable electric lamp, beer and potato chips along with them. Their cellphones were switched off on Ankit’s directions, so that a sudden phone call doesn’t frighten them. Soon they began drinking. The drink being beer they were still in their senses. Though the large quantity liquid intake had made their bellies near to explode.
The entire terrace had a protective wall that was high up to their waists. And had two concrete water tanks.
Soon out of nowhere Akshay stood up and walked towards the wall in southern direction. The other three were watching him in amusement. Rupesh could see that after reaching the wall Akshay stretched out his left arm pointing in the east direction. And it seemed like Akshay was talking.
After a minute or so, Akshay returned walking really slow.
Rupesh said,“ whom were you talking to man?” In a funny way Vishal and Ankit asked him the same.
Akshay said,“ Nothing guys, an uncle was passing by on his scooter and waved me from there, he asked me for direction to highway.”
All of a sudden all of their eyes widened in fear except for Akshay. Vishal, Ankit and Rupesh ran towards the door and tried to open it but it wouldn’t open.
They kept banging whereas Akshay was still sitting at his place clueless. Hearing the bangs over the door he finally understood, that he had provided directions, to a man, riding a scooter, at midnight, beyond the terrace wall, on probably the 5th floor…
Soon all of them were banging on the door. Vishal said,“ brothers, where is the lock?”
Vishal said,“ shh.. Shhh.. Just just look over here…”
All of them looked down at the place where Vishal had left the lock and key, the keys were present but the lock was missing and the door was open from inside… All of them began screaming on top of their voices but no one ever heard them.
Ten days later, a sudden emergence of predatory and scavenging birds ploughed the way to four dead bodies on the terrace. It has been 7 years to the incident and the respective building is abandoned today. The folks say, irrespective of day and night, as soon as one steps on the stairs leading to the terrace, can hear the calls in four distinct voices and bangs on the terrace door..

By Rohit Sharma aka PoetRoyyy


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