Career Guides :/

Well hello guys…
This ones for all the people who are best known to advice teens about their career with no interest in helping them financially or even academically.
All those people who are just there for the sake of pushing other children in some random field they’ve heard about without knowing about the particular child’s interest or the field itself.
Needless to say, I’m one of the victims of such act of unwanted kindness.
Here it goes…

There is no mountain
Hanging from the sky
No cloud raining beneath the sea
If it were so
You’ve got to know
This world wouldn’t so magnificent have been,

No herbivorous wolves
No carnivorous sheep
If the joker saved Gotham
It would have been little creep,

There is a little space
For all of us reserved
To find joy and success
Without stressing a nerve

Why is it so then?
The world is going nuts
In a field entirely different
We’re getting kicked our butts?

Oh yes!! It is the people
Who are born as a career guide
Who just give advice
And its us who pay the price

Well we can’t blame, could we?
Nothing comes for free
Money is all that matters
With it comes victory

With it comes glory
Comes a usual pride
And we ourselves become
A stupid career guide…

By Rohit Sharma aka PoetRoyyy


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