Little acts of Partiality… ;)

In earlier days acts by anyone were right because they were right and wrong because wrong. But that’s not so these days. Today acts are right because they’re done by someone rich or good looking and the same acts are wrong because they’re done by poor or ugly people.
I’d give you an example, you can try this if you want. Yourself and a friend of yours, one of you should be ugly or maybe not so good looking, play the same prank on same person one after the other. The reply of person pranked will be as follows:
To the good looking friend: why do you keep doing this..(followed by giggles)
To the ugly friend: what the hell!!!! Didn’t your parents teach you to behave?? Useless fellow..
Not exactly, but I guarantee you’ll get almost same words.

By Rohit Sharma aka PoetRoyyy


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