Smile = )

Hey guys..
This poetry is based on an idea provided to me by a lovely lady. So cheers to our amalgamated efforts to the poem… Though we discussed it only for five minutes.. :p

Do you know about a thing
That isn’t wide as a mile
Still its a trip to paradise
Oh yes! it is a smile..

Its when your crush smiles
Making your heart melt
The smile of a mother
After labor pain is felt..

The smile of a guy
When his girl holds his hands
That of a soldier
When he saves his land..

Not necessarily it should show teeth
But eyes reveal the happiness beneath
More cherishing is what comes after
Oh yeah!! Its nothing but laughter..

Giggles so cute
They make you want to mingle
And the whispered laugh in ears
Which leaves few tickles

A patients medicine
A traders disguise
True for every child
That is what is a smile 😉

By Rohit Sharma aka PoetRoyyy


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