A dream..

Hey fellas,
As promised.. I’m back on a Friday..
And below is a poem of a plot twist I had prepared in my mind about a guy secretly loving a girl but the girl is really drowned in love with her ex..
Well girls, don’t mind 😉

You said you were on the phone
You wanted to be alone
You hanged out with friends
And all I wanted with you is…
Some time…

Your guy,
He left you when you wanted
Your guy,
You loved it when he taunted
Your guy,
Left you all broken
I’d have never done so if I was…
Your guy…..

Love you,
You wanted to hear from him
Love you,
Is what you were waiting
Love you,
You said him all the time
But never figured out that I…
Love you…..

A dream,
Of a palace you’ll both live in
A dream,
That he’ll be most caring
A dream,
With him is still alive
And all that I look at you as is…
A dream….

By Rohit Sharma aka PoetRoyyy


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