Love after”ALL”….



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     Naman was in love with Gina. His family was also comfortable with his decision of marrying Gina and taking his life to the next level. His family had only three members, himself, his mother and his father. Naman was in love with Gina, on the other hand Gina had no clue of the fact.
     When Naman proposed Gina, Gina declined his proposal and dumped him loud enough to be heard by several people at the restaurant they were dining at. Naman fell in sorrow, he couldn’t think anymore, his love for Gina was still present with a hatred for his heart being broken.
     Naman’s parents advised him to marry a fellow friend’s daughter and join his father’s toy company as a manager. Naman agreed with his parents. The girl was Mansi. Both Naman and Mansi were 25 years old, Naman being 2 months elder.
     Naman and Mansi got married, but Mansi was totally unaware of what was coming towards her. On the first night of their marriage, Naman entered the room and directly approached to his point, he said,“ Mansi, I’ve got to tell you something.” Mansi was nervous already, and Naman’s first words added a pinch of suspense to her condition. In a soft voice, Mansi said,“ yes?” Naman replied,“ I lost someone, and I loved her, she was the love of my life. I married you, I’m sorry for that, but try to understand we can have nothing between us.” He left the room. Mansi cried all night. Later, the following morning Mansi called her parents and revealed to them the entire story. But she was shocked to hear a really cold response from her parents, who asked her to have hope for things to turn better.

     Naman and Mansi were still together, also after being forced by both of their families they added a little 4 year old daughter to their life. This was a big decision for both of them. Today, maybe not Mansi but Naman did love his daughter Shreya.
     A night before, Naman suddenly began coughing. As soon as he coughed more than 3 times, Mansi and Shreya rushed towards him and gave him water, helped him recover. When Naman saw their tensed faces, he understood that they were worried. He understood that Mansi cared for him though she was deprived of love, deprived of what her right was, for years.
     Today, Naman is sitting on the couch in living room and watching TV. He has taken a leave, dropped Shreya to school and his parents are out of town on a trip. Naman and Mansi are alone in the house. Mansi is cooking lunch and Naman is drowned in the thought, whether he should reveal his love to Mansi or not? What would her reaction be?
     Naman walks over to the kitchen, he says,“ Listen..” Mansi turns her head to look at Naman. He continues, without any further suspense he says,“ Mansi, I’m sorry but I love you..” There’s an awkward silence in the room for next 7 seconds. Tears begin to roll over Mansi’s cheeks, Naman approaches to where she is standing, hugs her and says,“ sorry and thank you for being with me all these years, caring for me, loving me though I didn’t, and thank you for such a beautiful daughter.”
     Mansi hugged Naman back, this was the love both had lacked all their married life. Mansi said,“ Shreya will be back after 4 hours..” And they both rushed to their bedroom….

     And that’s how we cone to the end of this short love story. All I want to say is that, recognize who loves you more and love them, and yeah, wait for it 😉

By Rohit Sharma aka PoetRoyyy


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