Happy :D

For ages, centuries, throughout the history; man has searched for a single thing, LOVE. But one has to agree, that it is the only thing we get the least. Jealousy, sarcasm, criticism, group politics and many more…. Phewww.. We don’t just break from creating negativity. We seldom think of people who get affected due to it. But sometimes, even in such bad times, we get a little, a pinch of, LOVE. And that’s just enough to keep us alive ๐Ÿ™‚
A poetry, because I’m happy..


No need of gifts
Present is a present itself
Like an old lost toy
A happy day falls from shelf…

Bare feet in wet grass
At night, with fireflies around
Half a moon smiling in sky
With stars as eyes above..

Into the spacecraft of love
I travel with my friend zone
Happy for nothing but love
Happy for it has shown…

I know it won’t last long
But who the hell wants to care
Let’s live it along
Before we get tears to bear…

By Rohit Sharma aka PoetRoyyy


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