Everyday of mine..

Opening my eyes wide
Stepping away from bed
I hear my family’s voice
A symphony in my head..

I sometimes have to leave
Sometimes stay back home
In a greed of conversation
I pick up my phone…

I try to build conversations
In person or electronically
I try to build trust and affection
But get ignored ironically..

I text people such
I never ever wanna memorize
In anticipation of attention
My loneliness I popularize…

They say I should flirt
Talk a little dirt
I’ve used all the tools
And all I get is hurt…

At person I expect a waive
Or a high five with a smile
Being not so naive
I turn weak and fragile…

All day I crave affection
My heart has turned bone
In the night at last
I go back to bed Alone..

By Rohit Sharma aka PoetRoyyy


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