Empowering with Equality…

I wrote this one related to women empowerment. Though it does not actually state the purpose, its rather more relevant to gender equality. Well, poetry is poetry, sometimes sticking to the topic becomes tough..


Picture credit: opednews.com and Wikipedia

Ascertaining the certainty of what I can’t
Criticising my ability, far less than
Instead walk together hand in hand
We can, what apart we can’t..

Limit the limits, you’ve put upon me
For already, I’ve set myself free
Though its true, I love you too
Try to stop me, and I won’t need you..

Its we who comprise the planet
We as creations of nature
I know and you know better
Alone we create no future..

Its a hoax in the shows
Where women play house politics
Reality is they serve as actors
Raising the working women statistics..

So why label feminine and masculine
And live in an era of hatred
If discriminating, still we do fine
As one we’ll do greater…

In war we will bring peace
In recession we’ll satisfy
With each other shoulder to shoulder
Every situation we’ll justify…

By Rohit Sharma aka PoetRoyyy


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