Last Seen…


Picture credit: Dvitesh Varia (my friend)
Insta link:

Who knew, like this it’d be
She’ll be a roll number ahead of me
Since the day I knew her name
I myself wanted this badlY…

Maybe or may not be
I think the looks mattered
Her fondness with my best friend
Little wishes lie shattereD…

At examinations she befriended me
My nerdy soul won’t set me free
The helping job when she required
After the task I was fireD…

Well, today’s the last exam
And the last time I’m seeing her
I can delete her contact
But the numbers won’t witheR…

She left a little early
Submitting her answer sheet
All I could do was peep through door
Thinking that we would never meeT….

Love was something two years back
Now its only infatuation
Dear readers help me to find
A solution to this situatioN…

– by Rohit Sharma AKA PoetRoyyy


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