Spice to ShakE…

While making a shake this morning
I was simultaneously worrying
Of the day I had ahead
About to be spent earning breaD…

I had several bills to pay
A loan accumulating interest
My bank balance was on a fall
My body needed medical testS…

I began counting my problems
Putting a fruit at a time in blender
Apple for the salary
Grapes for no progress on tindeR…

Soon the fruits came to an end
Leaving nothing to blend
Problems still went on And so did I
Other things were put to trY…

Cardamom, pepper and cheese
No not the vegetables oh please
Ice with milk and milk condensed
Soon there were no problems to blenD…

Dropping it into the glass
I took a sip hesitantly
To my shock it tasted good
Rejuvenating my mooD…

All sweet milk shake was common
Adding spice was worth
A voice within me said,”come on!!”
That is why there are problems on eartH…

            -By Rohit Sharma AKA PoetRoyyy

Believe me guys, with nothing to strive for, with no struggle, it would have never been interesting. Problems are just a spicy punch to the sweet life.


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