Sarcasturbation… :p

After many days… I’m finally up with a poem.. Like really up :p


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When you can’t venture out
Since its too hot or cold
You tune in to technology
Doing things bolD…

You do things for pleasure
That no one ever taught
With the help of internet
What 21st century broughT…

The upper goes a little up
The lower a little down
Or maybe off goes everything
When you have an empty towN…

On the bed, or the washroom?
Or duck!! The living room itself
Come to view some HD content
Hidden folders giving us helP…

So come a little high
And scream a little low
Cuz maybe someone could keep knocking door
And you would never knoW…

-By Rohit Sharma AKA PoetRoyyy


One thought on “Sarcasturbation… :p

  1. Hey you!
    How are you? It’s been a long time…
    Need your help on something 😦
    I’m having a dilemma (do I break my engagement or not) and I really need an advice…
    If you can stop by and let me know what you think about the situation it would be really nice ❤
    (the last article: everything is falling apart)

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