The more you get to know this world
the more you want to escape
why to dream to lavish mansions
when you can have a small house and huge landscapE…

We wanna earn money,
massive, to belong to rich class,
but does it make you happy
as much, as stepping on morning grasS ?

One can’t be rich for eternity
someday has to rest in peace
why not ditch fake amenities
to live the rest of life in peacE ?

To satisfy oneself fully
Everyone turns a bully
Its no more important, the one who’ll catch
but more of how to pull and snatcH…

This civilization has enslaved us
claming its making us better
sinks the value of a human being
as rise that of food, clothing and shelteR…

– By Rohit Sharma AKA PoetRoyyy..


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