Met Her Online…

Baby was a stranger
Natasha her name
Had no profile picture
Denied the famE..

Oh she was so cunning
Got me off the hook
on just some kinda day
She met me on facebooK…

Our chats grew longer
Conversation better
As I grew some fonder
She followed me on twitteR…

She said I was a good friend
I had to agree that
soon we were snapping
each other on snapchaT….

It wasn’t so bad
Until I was alarmed
Cuz she had no followers
On InstagraM….

I wanted her to skype me
Waiting for reply
An hour she was typing
To say that she was shY….

I remember we had snapped nudes
Saved some screen shots
She had a certain tattoos
Which could help me lotS…

Turns out those were porn pics
Fake were those tattoos too
Mine she had were originals
Oh this out of blues turn out bluE..

Oh man! I think She’s a MaN…

– By PoetRoyyy


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