Love was when you held my arms
and lead me across the road,
it was when you hugged me tight
as when my success showed,

Love was when you kissed me hard
though I denied for more,
it was to be seen when you cried
when failure made me sore,

Its you who brought me to the world
and raised me with pride,
knowing that I never thanked you
is today what for I cried,

When I left you to raise a family
why didn’t you stop me?
how fool was I to not recognise
I already had a family,

All I wish now is to wither
a day before you do,
and be with you this time
in a world all new….

                                – By Rohit Sharma aka Poetroyyy

Girl with purple sandles

In black and red she met me twice
Prior to conversations I knew she was wise
She kept her big eyes half closed
But had the capacity to hypnotise……..

Her hair left open had waves like ocean
Looking at her, left my eyes deprived of motion
The persona she has is hard to define
She ain’t just a girl but a real feminine……

All she thinks is she’s always right
Though being wrong gives a tough fight
Her cuteness is more as she lacks few inches
But being small though has a large appetite…..

The two days weren’t enough
The last minutes were to tough
I came to know what I thought of her
Was just an idea rough…..

That girl with purple sandles
Left a bug in my brain
When she hugged me a goodbye
And proceeded to board the train……

– By Rohit Sharma aka Poetroyyy

After Death Did Us Part…

Up in the heaven
The Angels said
They wished, they prayed
It was you they had..

To which I opposed
That it can’t be
Since you were supposed
To be my destiny…

Thereby, the Armageddon begun
They had arms, ammo and gun
All I was, an amateur with axes
And shoulders to support were none…

They ripped my heart
Stunned my senses
They tore me apart
And needled my lenses….

Finally they took you
They thought they had won
They were laughing at my carcass
And having great fun…

On the magnificent door
Were you and all standing
When they heard my voice
And saw me come running…

In the event of happiness
They had forgotten
That fighting for you
I too did rotten…

My sins were numerous
Still I was sent to heaven
Since I fought for you
Before I was graven…

I got my destiny
For eternity too
Even after dying
I lived with you…

                    – By Rohit Sharma aka Poetroyyy


Relations are never established through words,
Not even through gentle smile,
its only the magic of eyes,
that creates bounds n ties,
This is the way to make midst
the love lie,
Love is mathematics,
Of care and affection
A science of mental attraction,
A language without words,
Which cannot be socially defined,
Its more than peace
Its peace with kindness
And an everlasting feeling of togetherness
If you lose your love,
Think it wasn’t made for you,
But find some other dove,
that has similar feeling too….

– By Rohit Sharma aka poetroyyy