Relations are never established through words,
Not even through gentle smile,
its only the magic of eyes,
that creates bounds n ties,
This is the way to make midst
the love lie,
Love is mathematics,
Of care and affection
A science of mental attraction,
A language without words,
Which cannot be socially defined,
Its more than peace
Its peace with kindness
And an everlasting feeling of togetherness
If you lose your love,
Think it wasn’t made for you,
But find some other dove,
that has similar feeling too….

– By Rohit Sharma aka poetroyyy


Hello Everyone from Alpha to Omega..

This is me, Rohit Sharma. I’ve been wanting to share my work with the world lately. Hence, I’m starting this blog and naming myself as PoetRoyyy with a triple ‘y’ to upload poetries and short stories all being an original work just out of my imagination and life..
Please help me get better too..
Happy reading